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Buying Off Plan
Buying property Off Plan is not a new concept but is becoming more popular as people realise the benefits. Buying off plan allows the buyer to purchase the property at very competitive rates, at planning stage, normally one or two years before they are built. By purchasing off plan the buyer saves in the purchase price by being patient in respect to their property being built over time.
  • High Returns
Off Plan investments can offer the investor the ability to achieve returns between 20-100% in just 24 months.
  • Higher Capital Growth Potential
By buying off plan means buying the property under current market value meaning higher capital growth potential.
  • Using as a Investment
Purchasing early as an investment the buyer has the opportunity to market the property for re-sale or rental during the construction period.

  • Capitalizing on an Opportunity
By allowing the buyer to purchase the property via a payment plan normally offering the buyer to pay a deposit to secure the property and then in the region of 25% of the total purchase price followed by paying a percentage over a period of time during construction with a final payment on completion helps to give the buyer time to arrange finances whilst being able to capitalize on a good investment opportunity, whilst it is hot.
  • Design Input
The buyer can also be given the chance to make changes to the interior design of their home by consulting with the developer and architects prior to construction.
Always consult with a legal adviser first before signing any reservation contracts.

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