Kamala Beach Review

Kamala Beach. Away from Phuket town 26 km from the monument Thao Thao Thep กษัตรี Sri sweet. Turn left through Surin Beach, Laem Sing Kamala Beach will be the vertical sand about 2 km long beach that is peaceful. A luxury tourist services. Kamala beach is a monument of the tsunami. It was created to reflect the Tsunami disaster disaster ever occur to beach. Of this on December 26, 2547 a sculpture called mental universe that the strong rotation of the media world and change the balance of the ordinary nature.

The History of Phuket

The first records in Phuket history originate in the beginning of the 11th century. As far as historians have been able to trace, the first inhabitants of what is now known as Phuket were the sea gypsy's and the Negrito's.

Heroines Monument

Heroines Monument

The Heroines Monument was erected in the middle of the city opposite Thalang National Museum on Highway 402.

After the Burmese sacked Ayutthaya, then the capital of Siam, in 1767, King Taksin drove out the Burmese and re-unified the country. The Bur mese were bad losers, and outfitted a fleet to attack the southern provinces and carry off the populations to slavery in Burma. The Monument honors Kunying Jan and her sister Mook who were credited with the organizing the successful defense of Phuket Island against the Burmese invaders. This became Phuket's most unforgettable historic event.

To acknowledge their bravery and leadership, King Rama I conferred on Kunying Jan the honorific apellation Thao Thep Kasatri - a title of nobility usually reserved for royalty, and her sister became Thao Sri Suntorn.

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea of southern Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north to the south. The mountains of Phuket form the southern end of the Phuket mountain range, which ranges for 440 km from the Kra Isthmus. The highest elevation of the island is Mai Thao Sip Song (Twelve Canes), at 529 m above sea level. It is estimated that Phuket has a total area of approximately 570 square kilometers (including the provinces other islands). The main island’s total length, from north to south, is about at 50 kilom eters and approximately 20 kilometers wide.

Forest, rubber and palm oil plantations cover 60% of the island.[citation needed] The western coast has several sandy beaches, while on the east coast beaches are more often muddy. Near the southernmost point is Laem Promthep (Brahma's Cape), which is a popular sunset viewing point. In the mountainous north of the island is the Khao Phra Thaeo Non-hunting Area, protecting more than 20 km² of rainforest. The three highest peaks of this reserve are the Khao Prathiu (384 m), Khao Bang Pae (388 m) and Khao Pha ra (422 m). The Sirinat National Park on the northwestern coast was established in 1981 and protects an area of 90 km² (68 km² marine area), including the Nai Yang beach where sea turtles lay their eggs.

One of the most popular tourist areas on Phuket is Patong Beach on the central western coast, perhaps owing to the easy access to its wide and long beach. Most of Phuket's nightlife and its cheap shopping is located in Patong, and the area has become increasingly developed. Patong means "the forest filled with banana leaves" in Thai. Other popular beaches are located south of Patong. In a counterclockwise direction these include Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kata Noi Beach, and around the southern tip of the island, Nai Harn Beach and Rawai. To the north of Patong are Kamala Beach, Surin Beach and Bang Tao Beach. These areas are generally much less developed than Patong, and sought out by individuals, families and other groups with a preference for more relaxed and less crowded environs than Patong. There are many islands to the southeast, including Bon Island, just a short boat trip away. There are several coral islands to the south of Phuket, the Similan Islands lie to the north west, and Phi Phi Islands to the south east. Islanders engage in a lively tourist trade, catering to snorkellers and scuba divers.

Hotels & Resorts in Phuket

  • The Metropole Muang อำเภอเมือง 1,300 Bath (บาท)
  • The Taste Muang อำเภอเมือง 1,550 Bath (บาท)
  • Bhukitta Hotel Muang อำเภอเมือง 1,200 Bath (บาท)
  • Phuket Merlin Muang อำเภอเมือง 1,450 Bath (บาท)
  • Novotel Beach Muang อำเภอเมือง 2,650 Bath (บาท)
  • Patong Merlin Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 3,500 Bath (บาท)
  • Impiana Phuket Cabana Resort & Spa Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 5,700 Bath (บาท)
  • Deevana Patong Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 1,400 Bath (บาท)
  • Amanpuri Hotel Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 22,158 Bath (บาท)
  • Cape Sienna Phuket Patong Beach อำเภอเมือง 3,600 Bath (บาท)
  • Coconut Village Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 1,300 Bath (บาท)
  • Burasari Resort Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 3,100 Bath (บาท)
  • Duangjitt Resort Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 1,800 Bath (บาท)
  • Baan Yin Dee Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 4,700 Bath (บาท)
  • Patong Beach Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 3,300 Bath (บาท)
  • Amari Coral Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 8,181 Bath (บาท)
  • Baan Sukhothai Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 1,950 Bath (บาท)
  • The Royal Paradise Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 1,300 Bath (บาท)
  • Patong Paragon Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 4,600 Bath (บาท)
  • Patong Bay Garden Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 2,900 Bath (บาท)
  • The Chedi Patong Beach หาดป่าตอง 8,700 Bath (บาท)
  • The Trees Club Resort & Resort in Kamala Beach Phuket Thailand หาดกมลา 1,500 Bath (บาท)
  • Serene Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 1,500 Bath (บาท)
  • Tropical Garden Resort Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 1,550 Bath (บาท)
  • Centara Kata Resort Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 2,100 Bath (บาท)
  • Katathani Bhuri Beach Resort Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 4,250 Bath (บาท)
  • Katathani Phuket Beach Resort Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 5,250 Bath (บาท)
  • Orchidacea Resort (Pop Cottage) Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 1,700 Bath (บาท)
  • Layan Beach Resort & Spa Village Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 2,350 Bath (บาท)
  • Malisa Villa Suites Kata Beach หาดกะตะ 10,200 Bath (บาท)
  • Centara Karon Resort (Central Karon Beach Resort) Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,255 Bath (บาท)
  • Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,950 Bath (บาท)
  • Sawasdee Village Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,500 Bath (บาท)
  • Phuket Island View Hotel Karon Beach หาดกะรน 1,000 Bath (บาท)
  • Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,700 Bath (บาท)
  • South Sea Resort Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,000 Bath (บาท)
  • Karona Resort & Spa Karon Beach หาดกะรน 1,400 Bath (บาท)
  • The Phulin Resort Karon Beach หาดกะรน 1,200 Bath (บาท)
  • Centara Karon Village (Central Karon Village) Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,700 Bath (บาท)
  • Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa Karon Beach หาดกะรน 2,000 บาท
  • Chaba Hotel Karon Beach หาดกะรน 1,600 Bath (บาท)
  • Surintra Boutique Resort in Surin Beach Phuket Thailand หาดสุรินทร์ 2,100 Bath (บาท)
  • Ayara Hilltops (Treetops Arasia) Surin Beach หาดสุรินทร์ 4,602 Bath (บาท)
  • The Royal Phuket Yacht Club A Puravarna Resort Nihan Beach หาดในหาน 2,488 Bath (บาท)
  • All Seasons Naiharn Hotels (Sabana Resort) Nihan Beach หาดในหาน 1,050 Bath (บาท)
  • Andaman White Beach Resort Nihan Beach หาดในหาน 3,950 Bath (บาท)
  • Kantary Bay Hotel (The Bay Hotel) Lampanwa Beach แหลมพันวา 1,400 Bath (บาท)
  • Tenta Nakara Koh Naka Yai เกาะนาคาใหญ่ 1,550 Bath (บาท)
  • Ban Raya Resort & Spa Koh Racha เกาะราชา 1,850 Bath (บาท)
  • Naithonburi Beach Resort Niton Beach หาดในทอน 1,900 Bath (บาท)
  • Maiton Island Koh Miton เกาะไม้ท่อน 7,000 Bath (บาท)
  • Adamas Resort & Spa (Arahmas Resort & Spa) Niyong Beach หาดในยาง 4,650 Bath (บาท)
  • Kamala Bay Terrace Resort Kamala Beach 2,000 Bath (บาท)
  • Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort and Spa Bangtao Beach หาดบางเทา 2,700 Bath (บาท)
  • Cape Panwa Hotel Lampanwa Beach แหลมพันวา 3,000 Bath (บาท)
  • Bungalow Raya Resort Koh Racha เกาะราชา 1,300 Bath (บาท)
  • Baan Mai Cottage & Restaurant Koh lon เกาะโหลน 3,300 Bath (บาท)

Why Buy - The Trees Residence Club Phuket Resort in Thailand

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